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best drones under 100The list of the Best Drones Under 100 dollars has been updated for February 2017 with my latest recommendations. We didn't look at selfie-oriented drones like the much-discussed ( and now defunct ) Lily for this guide; we think that since Follow Me modes have now been introduced on more capable full-featured UAVs from 3DR, Yuneec, and DJI, selfie-oriented models may not be a great investment.

Now before we begin reviewing this drone, you should know that the consumer drone market is currently divided into 2 parts; one part is dominated by the drones that come with their own cameras installed, and the 2nd part is the part in which drones are using the top of the line GoPro cameras.

If you are worried that DJI might have compromised on the construction quality of the Phantom 3 Standard mainly because of the price, don't be. The Phantom 3 Standard is built as nicely as the other Phantom drones that are currently available in the market, and that is certainly a good thing.

Now before we start digging deeper into the details, you should know that the Cheerson Hobby CX-20 Professional shares a close resemblance to the DJI Phantom series drones, and you shouldn't be worried considering how you can still differentiate between the drones thanks to the red accents on this one.

The controls feel flimsy; the navigation is barely responsive; the design is so clunky it's almost puzzling—until you read in the manual that (unlike most of the drones we tried which are aimed at a teen and over crowd) this one is for ages 8+. Suddenly, everything from its crash-proof cage to its battery-powered charging cable begins to make a kind of terrible sense: This is a kid's toy and, frankly, a bad one.

Well, the overall construction is very solid, and it may look flimsy to some, but we are glad to let you people know that the DJI Phantom 4 is one of the most solidly built camera drones we have tested, and you won't be having any issues with flying it, just make sure you fully know about the OSS system that is built into the drone to make sure it doesn't just randomly bump into objects.

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